Instacart worker warns about possible ‘scam’ after strange incident: ‘Be safe’

An Instacart shopper believes a customer may have tried to “scam” her.

TikToker Meka Sampler is an Instacart shopper who picks up orders for clients and delivers them. She claimed to have had a bizarre experience with a user on the app. Now Sampler is wondering if others have had the same experience.

After Sampler picked up an $8 order for a customer, she said she received a strange message from Instacart saying there was an issue with the delivery. She followed Instacart’s standard procedure and called the customer through the app.

Instead of the client answering, a so-called Instacart “representative” did. The person told her that Sampler would receive a $30 gas card due to the issue with the order. The representative then asked for her information. Things just weren’t adding up, so Sampler ended the call.

Lots of TikTokers and delivery workers claimed they recognized the alleged scam.

“This used to be a doordash scam, now they moved onto instacart. Crazy! Be safe out there girl!” a user said.

“They’d never call you. They would just cancel it,” someone wrote.

“I work for a bank. It’s those small orders where the scam starts. once you give the scammer your information you really can’t dispute anything,” a person commented.

“This happened to me on Uber Eats I hung up when they asked for my info,” another added.

“I do doordash and this happened to me the other night!!” a TikToker replied.

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