Inspiring Story of Innokrats: Manpreet Singh

The time changes everything and with time people changes too. With time the way people think, do business, living standard and almost everything changes too. Today is the era of fast forwarding. From food to transportation, everything is going fast forward and most importantly finance has gone fast forward too. Gone are the days when people used to spend decade doing job with miniscule salary and keeping some money as saving aside, now people believe in spending (investment) and get better returns. The heart of the entire finance sector now lies in only one thing- Entrepreneurship. Although attractive, not every entrepreneur becomes successful and those who become successful are because of their hard work. The story of Manpreet Singh is one such success story.

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Born in Jammu and Kashmir, Manpreet always had interest in business since childhood and he was focused on his dream since then. He is just 19 year old and made quite a mark for himself. He co-founded Innokrtas pvt ltd. (A Sofware/Hardware) company at the age of 18 while continuing his studies. Despite coming from decent family his aim is quite high and one thing which worked well for him is to work toward becoming financially independent. This is what today’s youth is all about, be financially free and help their parent financially rather be burden on them. Apart from his studies his leisure activities include traveling and reading financial book, which keep him updated on latest trends in technologies and business.

Manpreet’s life-long dream has been to be financially free and achieve success in cutthroat world of business. He started in financial business but aspire to diversify his business in future. Achieving this much success in so much young age is motivational for every person who want to be an entrepreneur. Manpreet believe in setting a goal and work hard toward it rather than trying multiple things until one of the way works. This is what sets him apart and this is what the reason behind success of most of entrepreneurs. Only time will tell how far Manpreet can go but he got his priorities right and is working hard toward it. What young entrepreneurs can learn from Manpreet’s example is to start working toward your idea rather keep messing with it on paper, because you will not be able to find the solution of problems unless you work on it.

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