Inspiring Resilience: One-Legged Skater Pulls Off A Trick Most Others Will Never Do

Austin Sparks rips! That first trick is the coolest thing I've seen in a while! And that fact that it was inspired by another skater (Rafael Alentejo Pirata) makes me even more stoked.

But that's not all...the fakie 360 shove and roll-on grind are equally the cherries on top. This looked like a fun session, to say the least. No excuses here.

A lot of you reading this probably don't know, but I'm an amputee myself—above elbow, right arm. And while arms and legs are like night and day as far as anything is concerned, I will forever be inspired by anyone out there dealing with specific struggles who continue to push through life doing what they love.

If Austin wants to skate, he's going to—he does!—and honestly, again, that first trick is just the coolest thing ever. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. This is an automatic "S" in most games of SKATE. And the kid's reactions in the background are priceless, too. Minds blown.

Attitude is everything, it can make or break us—so just be stoked! Skateboarding will always provide that feeling and Austin is a walking, talking, (skating) example of that. Glad to see him back on his board and ripping!

Video / @that_guy_with_one_leg

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