Inside Serena William’s New Home With A Trophy Room & Art Gallery

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Tennis legend and style icon Serena Williams takes us through her new home, complete with a trophy room and an art gallery. “I actually worked with my sister Venus,” the tennis champion says about designing her northern Miami oasis. “[Venus] has an interior design company called V Starr Interiors, and it's really cool because she loves doing it.” Williams isn’t the biggest fan of the “formal” living room, but she also didn’t want to lose that classic aspect in her new home. “Instead of it being a living room, [what if] it's called an art gallery?”. Spanning from the entryway through the what-would-be formal living area, Williams filled the space with the works of famed artists such as Leonardo Drew and Radcliffe Bailey.

“Of course, I feel like a living room needs a library,” explains Williams. A charcoal-hued built-in bookcase with angled dividers plays beautifully into the gallery room, blending artistry and function. In the corner of the gallery sits a transparent piano found for her by her sister, Venus Williams. “I wanted a piano that my daughter would be able to play, but I didn't want it to be so heavy.”

Next, Serena walks us through her trophy room. Being a 23-time Grand Slam Champion demands a dedicated space for her hard-earned awards. Displayed on minimalist shelving, Williams gives us a sneak peek into her most prized wins. While she doesn’t keep all of her trophies on display, Williams walks us through a few of her favorites from the Austrian and U.S. Opens. Intertwined in the mix of accomplishments are a few personal items she values from her career, like the Wheaties Box sporting her image. One thing she doesn’t keep on her shelf? “I see a second-place trophy, but I'm gonna put that one in the trash,” Williams jokes. “Shouldn't be in here. We don't keep second place.”

Originally Appeared on Architectural Digest