Inside the morning routine of a professional figure skater

Joe Johnson fits some dog time and a yoga session into his mornings before heading off for a day full of figure skating lessons.

Video Transcript

JOE JOHNSON: Good morning, everyone. My name is Joe Johnson. I am a professional ice skater and performer. I live in New York City. And this is my morning routine.


Come on, Moose. First thing that I have to do every day that I stay here is put this on and take him out. And he expects a little kiss on the forehead. And now he's ready to go outside.

So this is Moose. This is my partner's dog. And he adds to my morning in that I have somebody else that I'm responsible for besides myself. And that time is precious in the morning. So I have to make sure that I give enough time to walk him and feed him.

So after we walk Moose, we feed him. He goes to the bed. I put two scoops of pumpkin in it. He won't eat unless you give him a kiss on the forehead. And now he eats.

All right, once Moose is fed, it's time for a little bit of me time. And we know space is limited in New York. So this is how I find it.

The reason I do yoga in the morning, even though all of my job is exercise, is because I don't really get to exercise for myself a lot. I have been figure skating since I was 8, so 21 years. I think for a long time, I was trapped in a very traditional space. And ever since I retired from competition and ever since I've been teaching and performing, I feel like I can express myself however I want, and it keeps me in shape. I need coffee, so this is the last one

I drink one cup of coffee a day. If I drink any more, I start to get a little anxious and shaky. And that's not very good for figure skating.

What kind of figure skating jobs haven't I had? I worked for the circus. I've worked in television. I've done traveling shows. I've done stadium shows. I've done little local nonprofit shows, which are my favorite.

So coffee's ready. And after I've had a couple of minutes with this, it's going to be time to start getting ready. Mmm, that is good.

Next step in my morning routine is brushing my teeth. Today's routine is a little bit more laid back because I'm just going to coach. So it doesn't require me to put on like full beat. The all-powerful SPF, you can never leave the house without putting on some sunscreen.

For my last piece of my routine, I feel in my mustache, because it's a little blond. This is number 2.5 auburn. And this is the reason that you can see my mustache every day.

This is the end of my morning routine. I put my skates and various things that I need for my skates in my bag. I have a big day of coaching today. Thanks for coming along with me this morning. This has been my first 15. My name is Joe Johnson. See you on the ice.