Inside Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet's Beautiful Family Life with Nakoa-Wolf, Lola, & Zoë Kravitz

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Happy birthday, Jason Momoa! This Game of Thrones hunk turns 41 today, and he’s made it clear time and time again that his family is the greatest joy in his life — so why not honor that by making our very own family photo album in his honor? Momoa and wife Lisa Bonet are one of the sweetest (and most gorgeous) couples around, and they’ve documented their love story from wild motorcycle rides to red carpet glamour. And kids Nakoa-Wolf, age 11, and Lola, age 13, are, in Momoa’s words, “the loves of [his] life” — so you better believe the proud dad has plenty of pics of his daughter and son over the years. For Hawaiian Momoa, “ohana” (AKA family) is everything, and that also includes stepdaughter Zoë Kravitz, his parents, uncles, aunts, nephews, and more.

Scroll on for all the best photos of Momoa with his family, and take note of the way he talks about his ohana — if possible, you just might fall even more in love with him.

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No Paparazzi Allowed!

Drogo is sleeping, ok?! Y’all leave him alone on his beach day.

Family Love

The way Jason is looking at Lisa is everything.

Say AH!

Sun’s out, tongues out! These three are definitely related.

Momoas Go Hard For Rugby

Jason’s an All Blacks fan, so Nakoa-Wolf and Lola are too.

Father-Daughter Love

“I love you Zozo,” writes Jason. And sometimes, it’s just that simple.

The Family Meets Jason’s Childhood Hero

Jason is an unabashed Ani DiFranco stan, and says he’s been listening to her since his sophomore year of high school — so naturally, he geeked out at the chance to introduce Lisa, Nakoa-Wolf, and Lola to the legend.

Nakoa-Wolf & Lola Meet Slash

Nakoa-Wolf and Lola are in full rock ‘n roll mode for their meet-and-greet with Slash.

Cirque du Soleil: A Family Tradition

The more you know. It’s a Momoa yearly tradition to hit up Cirque du Soleil as a family. Sweet!

Family Aquaman Premiere

Nakoa-Wolf and Lola will be red carpet naturals by the time they’re 18 — and we love that Jason brings mom as a premiere date too.

Activist Lisa Gets to Work

There’s nothing sexier than seeing your partner fired up and passionate, right? That’s definitely the energy we’re getting from this activist-thirst-trap shot adoring husband Jason snapped of Lisa.

Rock Climbing Adventures

If you hadn’t noticed, Jason’s kids have inherited some of their dad’s superhuman athletic skills, as proven in this pic of family rock-climbing.

Backseat Napping

Ever look at your kid and just feel totally overwhelmed with love in your heart? Jason does.

Lola Learns to Skateboard

Jason’s love of the outdoors means he always has a new activity up his sleeve. Today? Skateboarding.

Lola Appreciation Day

That’s right, Lola, strike a pose! The dad of this 11-year-old can’t stop gushing about his little girl.

Jason Takes Mom & Kids on a Private Flight

“Here come da momoaz,” writes Jason under a pic of him, his mom, and his two kids heading toward their private jet. Here they come indeed.

Jason & Zoë See Fantastic Beasts

Supportive dad alert! Jason never misses a chance to gush about Zoë’s acting skills, and Fantastic Beasts was no exception.

Dedicated to Polynesia

Wow, Lola is fierce! And um, so is Jason. Very much so. Watch and see for yourself.

Catching Up with Grandma

We’re loving these hashtags: “#thematriarch, #raisedbywomen, #loveuma,” the Aquaman star writes under a pic of him and his grandma.

Ohana in Iowa

Jason may always call Hawaii home, but he loves his Iowa ohana just as fiercely.

Cheesin’ at the Oscars

There were literally hundreds of people in the room, and Jason and Lisa only had eyes for each other.

Aloha Always Wins

Jason has been passionately protesting against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Mauna Kea, a sacred site.

Nakoa-Wolf & Lola Meet Dave Bautista

Jason’s new Apple TV+ series See just welcomed Dave Bautista for Season 2, so naturally he got to meet Nakoa-Wolf and Lola.

Lola’s Lion King Birthday

And now we know that Jason cried several times during The Lion King. Iconic.

A Visit Back Home

You can tell that Jason feels at home here, and we love his passion for his culture and his people.

Abominable Snowman Day

If we’re understanding the caption correctly, Dreamworks hooked up Jason and his family for a private Abominable Snowman screening for a rare family day.

Guardians of the Ocean, Assemble!

Oh yes, three Momoas in matching gear. You simply love to see it.

Jason & Zoë Celebrate Catwoman

We’re so here for Zoë’s nickname being “zozo bear.” And YES! Shout that Catwoman casting from the rooftops!

Jason & Lisa’s Motorcycle Ride

Hello, most romantic thing ever! Lisa wraps her arms around Jason as they ride on his motorcycle, and according to Jason, there’s “nothing [he] loves more than that feeling.”

Nakoa-Wolf & Lola Meet Chris Pratt

Jason got the chance to introduce his kids to Jurassic World star Chris Pratt — and later re-shared the photo after a comment he made about Pratt’s plastic water bottle went viral.

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David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham
David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham


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