Inside Emma Stone’s ‘Happy’ Private Life With Dave McCary and Daughter Louise

Emma Stone may be on strike as a SAG member, but the actress’s work in Poor Things has already gotten her award buzz. Stone, who welcomed her daughter Louise in March 2021, isn’t about to slow down either. A source spoke to Us Weekly about how she and her husband Dave McCary work together to take care of Louise and how important it is for her to keep acting.

“For Emma, quitting acting and being a stay-at-home mom would be like cutting off one of her limbs. That’s just not her,” a source said. “Acting is as vital to her as breathing, it’s a part of who she is—and Dave’s 100 percent behind her.”

“She and Dave are happy as a couple and one of the reasons why is they respect each other as artists,” the source continued, noting that Stone has “a great set-up” to balance parenting and work. “She’s able to bring Louise to the set with her and that makes a huge difference. There is no shortage of people in her circle willing to help with Louise—and Emma is grateful to them.”

emma stone and dave mccary
McCary and StoneStephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

Stone and McCary are in a great place together. “They love their little family,” the source said. “Louise has brought them so much joy and they’re growing and learning every day. They’re in this together. Emma still has the Hollywood ambition and drive and determination to do her best work and it keeps her going, and she believes doing what she loves will also make her a better mom.”

Stone and McCary have kept their life together almost completely private. They met back in 2016 when Stone was guest-hosting SNL, and McCary was working as a segment director. They announced their engagement in 2019 and got married in September 2020.

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