What Is Inside Your Bike's Fork? Rider Cuts His Open To Find Out


Have you ever wondered what is actually inside your fork? Well, lucky for you Brendan Carberry - better known by his Instagram handle, outsidebrendan - has some answers for you.

And no, it isn't a bunch of little green ghouls that live inside there pumping oil around with archaic machinery like we all hoped it would be.

Find out what it actually is below.

Another question you may have is how his fork was still operational despite having a hole cut out of the side.

So, forks have two separate functions for each leg. Generally, the left, or non-drive side, of the fork houses the air spring (or coil, but let's just keep it simple with air for now), and the right side, the drive side, is home to the damper.

Now, there are different configurations depending on the manufacturer, but again, we're keeping it nice and simple today.

So, the air spring is the part that is pressurized, and since that's in the other leg of the fork, Brendan was able to cut open the lowers to show what happens at least in half of the fork.

He does a good job of explaining what the damper does, so I'll just leave that part to him.

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