Inside Alexis Ohanian’s Net Worth—and the Wild Investment He Used to Buy Serena Williams’s Engagement Ring

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Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams are expecting their second child together, and this kid better get used to the finer things in life because their parents are loaded. Aside from Serena's personal net worth of $250 million, Alexis Ohanian has a reported net worth of $150 million thanks to being a tech giant responsible for one of the most viewed (and most troll-filled) websites the internet has to offer. Let's get into it—because, truly, there is nothing more motivating (by which I mean alarming) than learning how rich someone else is!

^ Us, soldiering through this.

Alexis Casually Co-Founded Reddit

Unlike those of us who graduated from college and went on to live with our parents for several months, Alexis graduated from college and went on to co-found Reddit with his buddy Steve Huffman. One year later? Alexis and Steve sold Reddit to Condé Nast for between $10-20 million. Soooo, basically he became a millionaire in his early twenties.

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Alexis told NPR's How I Built This podcast it was "more money for me than my entire family—my mother and father—had made in their entire lives.” He also told CNBC that the first thing he purchased upon making his millions was season tickets to FedEx Field, saying, “My dad had two nosebleeds for a number of years, and I upgraded his seats to four seats at the front row around the 50-yard line.”

Unfortunately, racism and misogyny has proliferated Reddit over the past few years, and—despite returning as a board member post-sale— Alexis resigned in 2020, calling it a long overdue move to "do the right thing." He also asked for the board to "fill my seat with a Black candidate" and promised to "use future gains on my Reddit stock to serve the Black community."

He Has Started Multiple Venture Capital Firms

If you're about to Google "what is a venture capital firm" due to not paying attention in...idk...econ or math class (help), let me save you: It's basically a group of people who invest in start-ups. Alexis co-founded a firm called Initialized Capital, which has made several smart investments including in Instacart and Opendoor. And according to Celebrity Net Worth, one of their most successful investments was in Coinbase, which they put $200,000 into back in 2012.

On top of Initialized Capital, Alexis started Das Kapital Capital in 2010 and worked as a partner at Y Combinator—the startup accelerator that launched Airbnb and Twitch (as well as Reddit!). Then in 2021, he co-founded yet another in Venture Capitalist Firm called Seven Seven Six after departing from Initialized, which apparently has more than $750 million in assets.

So many investment firms, so little time!

He's a Crypto Bro

Apparently Alexis paid $15,000 for Ethereum cryptocurrency in 2014 (once again, help), which is now worth approximately $80 million. Meanwhile, I'm still here waiting for my Beanie Babies collection to be worth something.

Alexis recently told Forbes that he used a portion of his crypto profits to buy a $3 million engagement ring for Serena Williams, which, okay!!!!!!!!

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Welp, this has been your update in how rich Alexis Ohanian is. Before we go, if you want some advice on how you, too, can buy front row tickets to your neighborhood stadium, here's what Alexis has to say: "This is the advice I would give to anyone, which is, take the time and there are so many amazing resources online now to do the work, to understand this stuff yourself before entrusting it to someone else."

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