Innovative adaptive tableware was made for the visually impaired

Emerald Pellot
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It’s always better when everyone gets a seat at the table.

Eatsy tableware is an innovative set of dining utensils suitable for the visually impaired and traditional users. Industrial designer Jexter Lim created the adaptive design. While Eatsy may look like a normal set of plates and cutlery it includes a few important tweaks.

The Eatsy cup, for example, looks quite ordinary. But along its rim is a tactile, food-safe silicone flap that indents inward. This small modification lets a visually impaired person secure a pitcher’s spout into the groove. This allows for more stability and control during the pour.

“Misalignment of the spout to the cup while pouring water and cutleries falling into a hot bowl of soup are the worst experiences to deal with without proper vision,” Lim said.

The plate and bowl have a similarly useful design. Each has a slope inside and a raised corner. The slant directs the food to the corner so the food becomes trapped there.

“For the visually impaired, they cannot gauge the amount of food picked up with a spoon. And much uneaten food is usually left scattered around the plate,” Lim explained.

With the Eatsy plates, the visually impaired can easily scoop the trapped food up with a spoon because they’ll always know exactly where it’s located. The corner can also be used as a spout for drinking and pouring. Another cool feature of the cutlery is that it can easily be hooked on the sides of the plate to prevent slippage.

While Eatsy isn’t on the market yet, Lim has been testing the products with users who overall say they’re able to eat more efficiently.

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