‘Ink Master’ fans are left stunned by coronavirus announcement

Fans got quite the surprise during the season 13 penultimate episode of Ink Master. The series normally culminates in a live competition to crown a champion and award them $100,000. Unfortunately, due to state-mandated orders, production for the finale will be unable to take place. After host Dave Navarro announced the three finalists for the finale, a recorded message came on to explain there would not be a finale. "Due to the covid-19 pandemic, government order to stay home and shelter, and for the safety of the artists, judges, canvases, and the crew, the "Ink Master: Turf War" finale could not move forward," said the narrator. Instead of postponing the finale, the series elected to split the winnings amongst the 3 finalists. Even though there won’t be a final episode for the season, producers did arrange for fans to see the finalists work on YouTube. The work will be available for viewing after 7 p.m on Wednesday. While it is understandable that the current pandemic should interfere with television production, many fans were left broken hearted. They took to social media to share their frustrations.

Video Transcript

DAVE NAVARRO: The three of you have earned your spot in the finale.

- Thank you.

DAVE NAVARRO: No matter where you came from, or which team you battle alongside, only one of you will earn $100,000, a feature in "Inked Magazine," and the title of "Ink Master."

KYLIE MAR: Dave Navarro may be known for shredding guitars. But on the season 13 penultimate episode of his popular series, "Ink Master," Tuesday, we learned he would have to shred the finale for the sake of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, governmental orders to stay home and shelter, and for the safety of the artists, judges, canvases, and the crew, the "Ink Master" turf [? or ?] finale could not move forward.

KYLIE MAR: While many fans were understandably saddened because there would be no finale, the show did announce a winner-- sort of.

- "Ink Master" applauds the talented artists who fought their way to the top three. Since we were unable to crown an Ink Master, each of the finalists has received a cash prize.

KYLIE MAR: Splitting the $100,000 cash prize between the three finalists did not go over well with fans. With one tweeting-- "Man, I'd have taken a delayed finale over no finale." While another wrote, "Wait. Hold up. I just watched an entire season to have the "Ink Master" finale canceled and no one gets crowned? Why not postpone the finale?" Even though the show had to cancel the finale, they did offer a brilliant solution for viewing the finalists' work.

- You can see the tattoos the finalists created on the "Ink Master" YouTube channel tomorrow at 7:00 PM. And stay connected to "Ink Master" on all our social platforms. Thank you for tuning into "Ink Master" and stay safe.