The ingredients list includes whatever's already on hand.

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Antoni Porowski continues to school us with his kitchen skills, starring as Queer Eye's resident food expert in the Netflix reboot. But as the majority of us remain sheltered-in-place, our pantries might not look quite as stocked as they once did. So to help us stay well fed while in quarantine, the chef slash tv personality is launching a brand-new mini-series, "Show Me What You're Working With." 

The concept will involve fans submitting a video of food they've got just laying around the house, or as Porowski puts it, "ingredients you dunno what the hell to do with." His task is then simple: create a dish around that and walk viewers through the step-by-step cooking process. The show will premiere exclusively on Netflix's YouTube channel and on social media.

The first episode, which features Antoni's take on brunch dish shakshuka, debuted on YouTube April 28 and features Syracuse-based pharmacist Brenda, whose husband is a physician working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 outbreak. After getting a little tour around her kitchen, Antoni decides the baked sausage and egg concoction is the perfect dish based on her pantry supply.

He walks Brenda through an easy process for whipping up the North African recipe, before she jumps back on to show us her own finished product. "This is an awesome dish," she boasts. "We're definitely gonna make it again."

Think it's about time the "Antoni can't cook" camp sits don't, no? 

h/t Delish

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