The Ingredient Addition For More Flavorful Guacamole That Just Makes Sense

Guacamole and salsa
Guacamole and salsa - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Crave-worthy guacamole is difficult to improve upon, but if you feel the need to amplify its flavor, you could add salsa to this vibrant chip dip. Whether you are making it for a tailgate or taco Tuesday, something sweet, tangy, and with a little heat, like a chunky papaya salsa or a fresh pico de gallo is going add a depth of taste to your guac while giving it a new layer of texture to enjoy. Its hearty nature is perfect for scooping with your favorite chips or adding a dollop or two to burritos and quesadillas.

You can mix in as much salsa as you want, but we recommend starting with two parts guacamole to one part salsa and adjusting for your taste preferences from there. The chunky tomatoes and onions bathed in lime juice along with chopped garlic, cilantro, and spicy jalapeno will complement the creamy avocado in a way that just makes sense.

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Guacamole and salsa mixed together
Guacamole and salsa mixed together - Mediterranean/Getty Images

In addition to all of the ingredients, the acidity of the tomatoes and their juices will brighten the flavor of your guac. If you don't want that added liquid, you can roast your tomatoes first, which will not only make them sweeter but will also help draw out some of the moisture before you even make the salsa component of this dip marriage. Additionally, it will give your tomatoes a chewier consistency. But nothing says you have to stick to a traditional salsa when pairing these two off.

On that note, try using a smoky salsa negra which relies on toasted morita chiles, peanuts, ginger, and brown sugar for a rich salsa like no other. Added to guacamole this combo is next-level sweet and spicy with a zing, but you also get that slight crunch from the peanuts. Or keep things simple by adding a salsa verde to your guacamole. The tomatillo and green chili peppers will give it an extra kick, while the already green hue will hide the fact that there's a surprise inside your new dip.

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