The Informant: The Hoodie That’s Both Casual and Sophisticated

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Sweaters make a statement. Cardigans communicate that the wearer is refined, artistic, and probably holds a master’s degree in something that doesn’t pay well. Crewnecks suggest someone with no vanity; turtlenecks insinuate that the wearer is ostentatious, a show-off, or simply has a cold neck.

But what about the hoodie? In my view, wearing a hoodie can be damning to an outfit and a vibe as a whole — it’s too casual to be appropriate for the workplace, a date, or a party. Except for, crucially, Everlane’s Felted Merino Hoodie. This garment feels like it’s from a world where hoodies are neutral — just sensible versions of sweaters that come with a wool windshield as a bonus. It’s perfect with jeans and a leather jacket on a chilly fall day or with trousers and a blazer at a semi-nice dinner. And it’s warm as hell.

Everlane’s version is also my favorite layering hoodie. It’s super warm but doesn’t make things too toasty if it’s below 45 degrees. For that reason, it’s been my fall and winter lifesaver; if I’ve miscalculated and I grabbed too thin a coat for the February chill, it keeps my torso (and ears!) perfectly warm anyway.

I have the hoodie in both green (“kalamata”) and white (“heathered oat”), with the former in a medium and the latter in a small. Part of what makes the hoodie so elevated is how well it fits me: slightly oversized but landing at the waist to create a stylish cropped effect. And it’s so soft — I can’t believe it’s $128. (I often see it discounted, too.) Even though my hoodies have pilled slightly over the years, my $9 fabric shaver has gotten them back into good shape. They’re the coziest things I wear regularly.

Overall, the Felted Merino Hoodie is a perfect sweater for its price, and possibly my favorite thing Everlane sells. Buy one as a gift and end up keeping it for yourself.

Everlane The Felted Merino Hoodie
Everlane The Felted Merino Hoodie

Everlane's The Felted Merino Hoodie

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