Influencer slammed for saying her job is harder than a 9 to 5

What’s harder — being an influencer, or working a 9 to 5 job? One YouTuber’s answer is stirring controversy. TikTok sensation Dez Machado, who is 16 years old, fired back at a critic who implied her job wasn’t difficult. “I don’t see u working at 9-5 like most people busting their a-- all day all u do u make YouTube videos?” one user commented on her Instagram post. “D--- working at Jack in a Box harder than entertaining 1M people? I ain’t know my bad foo,” Machado replied. Being an influencer isn’t nothing — it involves planning and capturing content, editing it, packaging it, sharing it, networking and growing your personal brand. That doesn’t mean it’s particularly difficult for everyone, either, though. Machado did go on to admit that she got “lucky” and now makes money “easily,” but she doesn’t mind that people think her job isn’t that hard, contradicting her earlier comment. Machado faced backlash from critics who accused her of “job shaming” everyday workers. “She needs to stop job shaming asap. it’s 2020… sorry some people don’t have opportunities to work with,” one Instagram user said