Influencer Rachel Shea DiBease shares heartbreaking tribute to baby after pregnancy loss: 'Every baby and pregnancy deserves to be celebrated'

"The past few months have been both the happiest and the darkest of our entire lives," DiBease said.

Content warning: This article discusses pregnancy loss and features imagery that may be difficult for some readers.

Rachel Shea DiBease opened up about pregnancy loss. (Image via Instagram/@rachelshea)
Rachel Shea DiBease opened up about pregnancy loss. (Image via Instagram/@rachelshea)

Rachel Shea DiBease has opened up about pregnancy loss in an emotional post to Instagram.

On Friday, the model and influencer shared an Instagram Reel documenting the joy of learning about her recent pregnancy with husband, Jeremiah, and the heartbreak when she learned there was no heartbeat. In the video DiBease wears a black smocked dress, gently rubbing her belly, with on-screen text stating, "'Til we see you again."

Through a series of clips, DiBease shared a glimpse into her pregnancy journey that was sadly cut short — from the joy of discovering her pregnancy and sharing the news with friends and family, to the revelation of her pregnancy loss.

"This is the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever shared," DiBease confessed. "The past few months have been both the happiest and the darkest of our entire lives. We found out we were expecting in February and it was the absolute best news, it had been my dream to be a mother."

"I started documenting and taking these little clips excited to one day share the news with all of you, not knowing that our journey would end so soon," DiBease continued. "At our scans, we found out that there was no heartbeat, and my pregnancy had stopped progressing."

DiBease explained her decision to share her story was not a call for sympathy but a gesture to honour her brief pregnancy because "every baby and pregnancy deserves to be celebrated."

"We’ve had some time to process and grieve this loss and in that time I’ve gotten to know the losses of so many women around me and learned just how common this is. While these things don’t rid us of the pain entirely, it helped us to know that we are not alone," she reflected.

The New York City-based model emphasized the importance of authenticity in her role as a content creator, saying, "As a content creator so much of what I share is a highlight reel but it’s always been important to me to be transparent and share the real stuff, too."

In the comments, DiBease's post was quickly met with supportive messages and condolences from fans.

DiBease's mother chimed in, writing, "I wasn't sure if you were going to share this but I'm glad that you did because it is a common occurrence and maybe you will be bringing comfort to those who have gone through what you have. I'm so proud of the strong woman you've become."

"Last year I lost my first baby at nine weeks and it was utterly devastating," a follower shared. "I am now in a hospital bed waiting to have my first child, a son. Things do get better! I wish you all the luck."

"I found out I was pregnant in January with my husband and by February we lost the pregnancy. Every day is a hard day but one day we'll meet again. Just came across your page right now. But still, sending love from a woman to another woman. A mom to a mom," someone penned.

"Thank you so much for your vulnerability," another commenter added.

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