Influencer Backs Up Claim That Skiing In Wisconsin Is Better Than Colorado

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There are lots of debates in skiing: East Coast versus West Coast. Resort versus backcountry. Skiing versus snowboarding (okay, that one's not a debate at all)!

But have you ever asked yourself: would I rather ski in Colorado versus Wisconsin? Comedic Midwest influencer (yup, that's a thing) Alex Wehrley does just that, making some solid points for Wisconsin.

Who needs Steamboat, Vail, or Aspen when you have Granite Peak Ski Area and Little Switzerland (come on, how good is that name)?

"We have exquisite views from our mountaintops of things like Miller Park. I mean, American Family Field."

"We actually have bunny hills. In Colorado, they say they have bunny hills but in Wisconsin, they'd be more like black diamonds."

"There's less snow, so your chances of dying in an avalanche are lower."

That one is reasonable. Now that I think of it, I've never heard of someone dying from an avalanche in Wisconsin, whereas Colorado already has a fatality this season. 

I scanned the US Avalanche Fatality chart from past seasons, and Wisconsin was not listed.

The Wisconsin Skier blog confirmed my chart investigation with a personal anecdote in an article titled "Avalanches: One Thing We Do Not Worry About".

He writes, "We do not have the sort of mountain or hill to set up the threat of avalanche. Resorts in avalanche regions do a heck of a job keeping the risk to a minimum but even in bounds the risk of avalanche in mountainous regions is not zero. However, I have never heard of an avalanche in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio. In fact, I have never heard of them occurring in the big ski resorts out east either."

Hmm. That last part can be debunked, because avalanches do in fact occur on the East side of North America.

Quebec's Chic Choc mountains have been the site of avalanches affecting skiers.

The Ski The East crew caught one on film during the filming of one of their Working For The Weekend episodes aptly titled, "East Coast Avalanche."

Watch below. 

However, Alex comes back with yet another Midwest-boosting claim: "We don't have as many runs, so you'll always run into your friends."

Heck yeah! Even on powder days!

"It takes less time to get down the hill which means more recovery time in the chairlift." Ugh, who wants elevation that makes you pant like a dog halfway down the run?

"We mostly have two-seaters, which means you don't have to have awkward conversations with the third-wheeler."

No. Can't agree there. There is nothing more joyous than making conversation with whoever is riding up with me. Whether it's a Ski Patroller, a kid with a GoPro, or a local who's been skiing that resort for the last 30 years, they're going to get a "how's your day going so far?" from me.

"We get bored quicker, so we drink more beer, which makes everything more fun."

You know what, fair enough!

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