Indy Pass Unveils New Logo And Branding

The Indy Pass -- a product that provides access to numerous independent ski resorts across the world -- is unveiling a new look.

The mega pass broke the news today at about 10 a.m. MST.

The Indy Pass new logo.<p>Indy Pass</p>
The Indy Pass new logo.

Indy Pass

The rebrand, centered around a new logo featuring a red and white design, applies to the entirety of Indy Pass' consumer-facing presence.

Alongside the rebrand, Indy is launching new physical passes which are shipping to pass holders this week.

Here's a look.

The Indy Pass new physical pass card.<p>Indy Pass</p>
The Indy Pass new physical pass card.

Indy Pass

While these passes are RFID enabled, it appears that Indy Pass holders will still go to the ticket windows at participating resorts to redeem tickets. Functionally, they replace other forms of IDs used to redeem Indy Pass tickets at ticket windows. Don't fret if you left your Indy Pass at home -- the previous approach utilizing a driver's license (or another type of ID) will still work.

The physical passes are shipping in die-cut packages containing the pass, a bumper sticker, and personal letter from Indy Pass CEO Erik Mogensen and Founder Doug Fish.

The Indy Pass mailer.<p>Indy Pass</p>
The Indy Pass mailer.

Indy Pass

The updated website, which went live last night, features an interactive map boasting all of Indy Pass' destinations in one place.

The updated Indy Pass website.<p>Indy Pass</p>
The updated Indy Pass website.

Indy Pass

"The Indy Pass' original logo and website were instrumental in establishing the Pass as a disruptor," said Indy Pass CEO Erik Mogensen. "However, this overhaul will support the Indy Pass's journey to becoming a timeless and iconic brand that supports and celebrates independence in outdoor recreation."

The Indy Pass is still on sale to those who join the waitlist.

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