Indigenous TikToker extols her 'sacred' postpartum body

TikToker Michelle Chubb (Cree), aka @indigenous_baddie, is proud of what some TikTokers call her “tiger stripes”. Otherwise known as stretch marks, the lines that appeared on Chubb’s stomach during pregnancy and after have become like badges of honor, . marking an incredible physical and emotional event — in this case, carrying and birthing her daughter, Pîsim. On Chubb’s TikTok feed, which has about 573,000 followers, the 24-year-old First Nations mom has been vocal about body positivity and acceptance. She even partnered with Summersalt swimwear to remind women, and new parents specifically, to “love your body” because “you only have one”. Chubb is adding to a small but growing group of Indigenous women who model. what Chubb’s especially honored and humbled by, she says, is “to be on the path to decolonizing minds”. she was also born with a cleft lip and palate. The new mom has used her platform to detail surgeries that she’s endured over the years to repair her lip. With all of her revelations about body acceptance and positivity, Chubb wants to ensure that her daughter will feel that her body is sacred as well

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