All This Little Boy With a Rare Disorder Wants For Christmas is...A Card From You

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This little guy wants a Christmas card from you! (Photo: WTTV CBS4Indy)

This time of year, most little boys eagerly pen letters to Santa filled with promises of good behavior and requests for toys, toys and more toys. (We hear a little franchise called Star Wars is big again this year.) But 8-year-old Jack Weaver of Indianapolis would like something else entirely: A mailbox filled with Christmas cards from you.

A charming, energetic little boy who loves dancing and singing (if you’d like to smile, go ahead and see for yourself on YouTube), Jack was born with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder resulting from a deletion of material within the fourth chromosome that causes him to suffer from frequent seizures and myriad other medical issues. Children like Jack with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome also typically have distinctive facial features, including a broad, flat nasal bridge and high forehead, and can suffer from cardiac defects, experience delayed growth and development, and face intellectual disability ranging from mild to severe, depending largely upon the amount of genetic material deleted from the aforementioned fourth chromosome. Compared to people with other forms of intellectual disability, however, people suffering from Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome have blessedly strong socialization skills — something Jack exhibits in spades, particularly during the winter holidays.

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“Christmas is probably the thing in the world that Jack loves the most. He’s always been so excited by every aspect of Christmas,” Jack’s mom, Shannon Weaver, told local news affiliate CBS4. And while Jack has had a rough couple of months and been very depressed, Christmas is still his favorite time of year, and all he wants to do to celebrate the season is to cover the walls of his room in Christmas cards.

To help her son with his sweet request, Weaver initially just posted a message to Facebook when a friend came up with the idea to ask others to send Jack Christmas cards. The simple idea took off, and Jack is ecstatic about the more than 50 cards he has received so far, which the Weavers say help to comfort Jack when he’s having a bad day.

“When we ask him if he wants to go get the mail, he knows that there (are) going be a lot of cards there waiting for him,” Jack’s dad, Brian Weaver told CBS4. “Jack has never met a stranger in his life, which is perfect for something like this because now he has friends all over the country and all over the world,” his mother added. “He calls all the people who send him cards his friends. … Hopefully they’ll get a little taste of the joy that Jack brings everyone, just like they’re giving him the joy back.”

If you’d like to join in this sweet sharing of goodwill, you can send Jack a card at the following address:

Cards for Jack
1389 W 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Any gift cards or toys sent to Jack will be donated by the Weavers to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, where they have spent many holidays in the past, and to deserving local military families.

Give a little, get a lot. Happy Holidays, Jack.

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