Indiana lake containing legendary giant turtle now for sale

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A puny, regular-style snapping turtle that couldn’t sell a lake if its life depended on it.
A puny, regular-style snapping turtle that couldn’t sell a lake if its life depended on it.

Good news for anyone who ever wanted to see if they, like an anthropomorphic rat, are capable of domesticating a giant turtle: A lake in Indiana that’s home to a legendary 500-pound snapping turtle called “The Beast Of Busco” is now up for sale.

The nearly 44-acre property that contains the lake has been listed as a “great hunting tract” with plenty of “big bass and crappie” stocked in it for “great fishing.” It also advertises itself as a solid place to hunt deer and turkey, build a cabin or home, and tool around on ATVs. The most important feature of the property, though, is listed upfront. “Lake where Nationally known Oscar the turtle lived,” the description begins. Just below the size of the lake, the “property details” section reinforces this claim to fame: “Lake where Oscar the legend turtle lived.”

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If you, like us, are always on the lookout for properties where reptilian cryptids might be lurking, WPTA has a few more details on what to expect of the giant turtle that we know in our hearts is still living in the lake.

Apparently, residents of Fulk Lake—which is nicknamed “Turtletown, U.S.A.”—have been trying to locate Oscar The Turtle, The Beast Of Busco for more than a century now. He was first spotted in 1898 by a farmer named Oscar Fulk but it wasn’t until 1948 when, according to a local historian, that another farmer “supposedly saw a large turtle in the middle of the lake” and became obsessed with capturing it. Though he devoted an amount of money that “would be a problem” to spend on efforts to “drain the lake” or trap the Beast, Oscar remained elusive.

Any would-be Busco-busters will have to continue that tradition of problem-spending by having at least $1 million kicking around to buy the property. If that seems a bit rich, just consider: It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to potentially befriend a 500-lb. beast that, if things go well, may allow you to ride around on its shell like a giant, stinky water-knight. Or, as the realtor listing the property put it to WPTA, Oscar “could’ve been a myth, he could’ve been as big as a dinner table.”

There’s only one way to know for certain which of those two possibilities is correct.

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