Indiana Jones And The Great Circle Looks Incredible

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle key art

Yesterday, Xbox held its big Developer Direct, where it showed off a host of new details for its first-party developed games, as well as Visions of Mana from Square Enix for some reason. Among those games was our first look at a game announced a long time ago but was only just revealed in full: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is the next big game from developer MachineGames, which previously developed the excellent rebooted Wolfenstein series: The New Order, The Old Blood, and The New Colossus. Those games had a lot of Nazi punching, and thankfully, MachineGames is sticking to what it knows best, as there’s definitely some Nazi punching in the new Indy game.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is a first-person action puzzler that occasionally switches to the third person for key moments like climbing ropes. There is some amount of combat, like the aforementioned Nazi punching, but you can avoid some of those combat encounters with some stealth mechanics.

The Great Circle will have Indy traveling to Rome, Thailand, Egypt, and more to do his treasure hunting and Nazi punching, and he’ll have his signature whip, both for adventuring and swinging about the place and for taking out enemies. It genuinely looks like an absolute blast.

I’m not an Indiana Jones fan at all, it’s something that just never really clicked with me. I’ve tried, more than once even, to enjoy the films and I dunno, it just doesn’t work, it’s not for me. The one piece of Indiana Jones media that I enjoyed was Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures, a very basic randomly generated 2D adventure game. And yet, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle excited me more than anything else in the Developer Direct.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is headed to Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime this year, and it makes me very glad I own an Xbox Series X. It should also be on Game Pass, which just seems wild but hey, that’s Microsoft’s whole thing.

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