Incredibly Rare Alligator Was Just Born at Gatorland in Florida

It's always so special when a wild animal is born and even more of a miracle when that animal happens to be one of the rarest in the world. Gatlorland in Orlando, Florida, recently shared the wonderful news that two of their alligators, Jeyan and Ashley, gave birth to a female leucistic alligator. They also gave birth to her normal-pigmented brother.

Not only is she amazingly rare, she is amazingly adorable.

The Facebook post explains, "Leucistic alligators are the rarest genetic variation in the American alligator. They differ from albino alligators, which have pink eyes and a complete loss of pigment.

Leucism in alligators causes white coloration, but they often have patches or splotches of normal coloration on their skin. Without the darker skin pigmentation, they can’t have direct sunlight for long periods of time because they sunburn easily. Leucistic alligators also have brilliant blue eyes compared to the pink eyes of an albino alligator. "

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I just love how in the video she looks like she is smiling! Facebook users are also enchanted by this little lady and @Karen comments, "I'm so excited for this new baby!!! Gatorland just gets more exciting all the time!" @Julie adds, "So so so very excited for this amazing newest little Gatorland resident!! Congratulations!" @Laura replies, "Stunning babies!"

The differences between leucism and albinism

Both traits can have animals to have a pale appearance, but leucism is a partial loss of pigmentation and often results in splotchy or patchy coloration where the animal has normal colored eyes, and albinism affects the body’s production of the pigment melanin and often means an animal will have red or pink eyes.

Gatorland explained that due to how rare this little lady is, they are being careful with her and her brothers safety and security. The park explains, "We plan to have them on display early next year so guests can

see them, learn about them, and fall in love with them like we have. For now, however, we continue to keep them safe where we can closely monitor their health and growth."

Congratulations to Gatorland and we can't wait to see this little girl grow!

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