Incredible Relationship Between Baja California Grey Whale & Boat Captain Must Be Seen to Be Believed

One of the most incredible things to witness on Earth is seeing a whale up close and personal. @Ocean Diversityy shared an amazing video on Instagram in September 2023 of a grey whale breaching to say hello to a boat captain in Baja California, and it's worth the watch!

Based on other videos, it seems this is a pretty common occurrence for this boat captain. The whale seems to know him, and has no problem with him giving her rubs on her head. How do I know it's a female? Because shortly after mom comes up to say hello, her baby does too!

This is a total bucket list item for me! Not only does the @Ocean Diversityy captain get to give the mom rubs, but mom trusts him enough to let him say hello to her calf, too! What an incredible experience, and one that I'm jealous of! My kids and I went whale watching in Southern California years ago, and grey whales completely surrounded the boat that day, but they didn't get nearly close enough to touch!

The video got more than 650 thousand views on Instagram, which is a lot, as well as nearly 5 thousand comments. People loved the connection this captain had with the grey whales. @ju.nie7313 shared, "Wonderful lucky people they are so gentle. Cannot believe some want to harm these gentle giants. We can learn a lot by them." @jmcfar10 made me smile with, "Amazing! Like big ole puppy dog asking for a scratch"!

@surfequity added, "Touching marine mammals is illegal. Follow the Marine Mammal Protection Act." I understand that it's important to protect these magnificent creatures, and that touching them could transfer potential viruses, diseases, etc., but way to kill the mood on such a beautiful moment!

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