Ina Garten Shared The Most Adorable Throwback Wedding Photo For Her Anniversary With Jeffrey

Alexis Morillo
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Photo credit: Getty Images/Instagram/inagarten
Photo credit: Getty Images/Instagram/inagarten

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Besides her incredible recipes and cocktails, Ina also shares photos of her adorable marriage with her husband Jeffrey on Instagram. Fans of the Barefoot Contessa love Jeffrey as much as they love Ina herself, and in honor of their wedding anniversary, she shared the cutest throwback photo that her followers will no doubt love.

The couple got married on December 22, 1978, and are celebrating 52 years of marriage (!!!). According to PEOPLE, Ina and Jeffrey were married at her parents' house in Connecticut which she described as a "contemporary rock cliff" in the woods to the outlet.

In the photograph shared on her Instagram page, the couple, then in their early twenties, are smiling while cutting into their wedding cake. "Fifty-two years and still having so much fun! You gave me a life I could never have dreamed of. Happy Anniversary my love," Ina wrote in the caption before adding, "(What鈥檚 up with that cake??)"

Her caption referred to the three-tiered white cake decorated with flowers, frosting, a bow, and a bell. After all these years, Ina and Jeffrey continue to show their love for one another and Ina recently shared the day her husband accidentally sent a romantic text to a stranger that was meant for Ina.

As Ina continues to put out content for her Food Network series Barefoot Contessa, she is filming on her own and is spending more time alone with Jeffrey due to quarantine.

"I feel like I prepared my whole life to be quarantined, or working towards a place where we could be quarantined," Ina told PEOPLE earlier this fall: "I think [he] is going to look back on these days as the good old days. I make him lunch, I make him dinner and he's home all the time."

After all, the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, right?

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