Ina Garten Shared Emily Blunt’s Famous Crispy Potato Recipe And It Crashed Her Website

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

From Women's Health

Ina Garten has been blessing us with seemingly endless gems’s almost like she knows we need it. In her latest act of helpfulness, Ina dropped a recipe for roasted potatoes that actress Emily Blunt originally made on her show...but apparently it was TOO good for this world because it was so popular it crashed her website.

Ina posted a photo of some glorious roasted potatoes on her Instagram, saying that she was sharing the recipe for Emily’s English Roasted Potatoes on her website. Emily originally made the recipe on Ina show The Barefoot Contessa back in 2018, according to Insider, but it will also be included in Ina’s brand-new cookbook Modern Comfort Food (which is dropping early, BTW).

But when Ina shared this information, so many people visited her website that they caused it to crash. Ina personally responded to commenters saying they were working on getting it up and running again. I get it—if I see an image of crispy potatoes and see Ina AND Emily Blunt mentioned, I AM CLICKING.

Thankfully, the link is all good now, so you can make these right now if you wanted to! In fact, all you need are four ingredients, two of which are salt, which is how you know it's good. Ina described the potatoes as “creamy inside and crispy on the outside,” which sounds site-crashingly good to me.

If you prefer following along, Food Network also posted the clip on its Facebook page of Emily and Ina making the potatoes a few years back...Lin-Manuel Miranda is also there should that appeal to you!

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