Impressive 'Wheel of Fortune' Solve Proves Grandmothers Know Best

Apparently listening to your elders really does pay off!

One Minnesota Wheel of Fortune duo proved this week that grandmothers always know best, as contestants Barb Marquardt and her granddaughter Hayden Partyka took a big risk that meant a big reward.

In a clip from the Wednesday, May 24 episode of the long-running game show shared to Instagram, the contestants were faced with solving a puzzle that read "A / _ E _ I _ H T _ U _/R E S O R T / _ _ / T H E/S E A."

While Hayden was ready to spin the wheel, Barb insisted on solving the puzzle right then and there, as she proudly stated the correct answer, which was "A Delightful Resort By The Sea."

Hayden appeared to be clearly thrown off by her grandmother's quick decision, telling her, "We could've won money though."

"It's all right," Barb replied as host Pat Sajak chimed in to say, "Never interrupt Grandma in the middle of a solve. We learned that."

Sajak then announced what the duo won, telling them, "You are going to the Bahamas!"

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Even though that prize wasn't the money that Hayden may have been hoping for, she still seemed overjoyed with their trip to the Bahamas, as she and Barb gave each other an enthusiastic high five after hearing the news.

Their team ended up going all the way to the final puzzle, though they didn't guess in time, they still walked away with over $31,000 and their luxurious trip to the Bahamas!

"Do 👏 not 👏 interrupt 👏 grandma 👏" the WoF account captioned their Instagram post.

"grandma knows what’s up!" one fan exclaimed in the comments.

"Always solve if you have the answer. Grandma knows!!!! The wheel can be unforgiving. Go Grandma!!!!!!" wrote someone else.

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