'Impossibly difficult' clear puzzle puts your willpower to the test

If you're tired of doing simple, aesthetically pleasing jigsaw puzzles, or if you're a glutton for punishment, we have a new hobby for you. The latest puzzle craze has arrived — and it's completely transparent. The Little Flower Pot Shop on Etsy is offering a clear, acrylic puzzle they describe as "insanity". There are four tiers of difficulty: Easy (9 pieces), Okay (25 pieces), Hard (49 pieces) and Crazy (144 pieces). “We really didn’t think anyone would rise to the challenge,” the listing says. “No hints here, just days of fun assembling them". Little Flower Pot Shop promises no repeated pieces and only one correct solution for each puzzle. Adding another layer of difficulty to the already massive challenge, there's no indication which side of each piece is supposed to face up. The puzzle has a perfect 5-star rating on Etsy at the moment