Important: 7-Eleven Is Selling $1 Hot Dogs Today in Honor of National Hot Dog Day

What would summer be without fireworks, sunburns and, of course, hot dogs? Thanks to 7-Eleven (and SPF 50), we won’t have to find out. 

In honor of National Hot Dog day, which is today, BTW, the home of the Slurpee is serving up its 100 percent beef Big Bite hot dogs for $1 apiece. It’s a deal if we’ve ever seen one. But be careful, the Big Bite flavor of the month is a spicy beast called the Reaper, and as the name suggests, it’s supes hot.   

As a plus, each one comes with free fixin’s like chili, cheese, pickles, onions, jalapeños, relish, pico de gallo and more. The downside? Pepto and Lipitor aren’t included. Womp, womp.

In the competition between fake Instagram holidays, National Hot Dog Day might just be our new favorite.

But the question remains: Are hot dogs sandwiches?

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