‘An Imperfect Murder’ Is an Intense Psychological Drama That Just Dropped on Netflix

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In short, An Imperfect Murder tells the story of a successful actress, Vera Lockman, who has a nightmare where she struggles with, shoots and kills her drug-dealer ex-boyfriend, Sal. Unfortunately, when she wakes up, she realizes that the killing actually occurred the day before and that Sal (now dead) lies in a trunk in her living room. Yikes.

In addition to Miller and Baldwin, An Imperfect Murder also stars Charles Grodin (The Heartbreak Kid), Colleen Camp (Wayne’s World), John Buffalo Mailer (American Terrorist), Nick Mathews (In Between Men) and Steven Prescod (Feeling Through).

Despite it’s interesting (and also terrifying) plotline, the film received less than impressive reviews from critics. We’re talking a 3/10 on IMDB and only 16 percent of Google users said they actually enjoyed the film. “A thrift-shop psychological X-ray that demands to be taken on its own Tobackian terms,” a Variety review reads.

But hey, we won’t let a few bad scores get in the way of us giving the movie a shot.

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