Imbue Your Home with Aesop’s New Aromatique Incense Series

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Aēsop has become a staple brand for hair, body and skin. One of our SPY editors swears by the Primrose Cleansing Masque for its effective performance and gratifying results, naming it one of the best face masks for men. Now, after venturing into fragrances, the Australian-based label is rolling out its newest product offering.

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Aēsop is broadening its touch of luxury for the home, introducing its Aromatique Incense series. The new collection arrives in three therapeutic scents: Kagerou, Sarashina, and Murasaki.

Kagerou has a somewhat earthy feel with herbaceous and woody accords, topped off with smokey notes of vetiver. Sarashina elicits a warm and woody aroma through comforting notes such as sandalwood and clove mixed with a gentle sweetness of cinnamon.

Lastly, Murasaki will likely appeal to those who appreciate cozy, rich fragrances. While this variation has a similar feel to the Sarashina incense, notes of hinoki, cinnamon, and clove offer a much more resinous and spicy scent that lingers quite a bit longer after the final burn.

Kagerou Aromatique Incense

Price: $43.00

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When releasing new products created with sensory pleasure in mind, Aēsop has never dropped the ball. And very much like their existing assortment on the shelves, the trio of scents stay true to the brand’s DNA, deriving from quality natural ingredients, including 100% incense with no bamboo core.

Whether you need an alternative to burning scented candles or looking to buy last-minute Christmas gifts for someone who has an affinity for all things fragranced, Aēsop’s Aromatique Incense series is set to provide a hint of opulence.

Each pack houses 33 incense sticks with an approximate burn time of 30 minutes per stick. Completing the package, a water-soluble kanuma pumice incense holder is also enclosed. Priced at $43, the Aromatique Incense series is available now on Aēsop’s website.

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