I'm Trying to Shop More Responsibly—This Shoe Brand Is My Current Obsession

Anneliese Dominguez
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I'm not easily influenced. It takes a lot for me to actually commit to buying something or using a product when someone tells me I should. But when I scrolled past someone I follow on Instagram wearing the chicest pair of shoes, I had to find out where she got them right away. Her post led me to Alohas, a dreamy Barcelona-based fashion brand that prides itself on a more sustainable production model. Instead of making an excessive amount of products that go to waste if they aren't sold, Alohas only produces items when orders are placed. For someone who is trying to shop more responsibly these days, I couldn't be more obsessed with this on-demand process. It also launches a new drop every month with a 30% discount on the already-affordable prices. Now, not only do I get super-cute shoes to add to my wardrobe, but I also get to feel really good doing so. Keep scrolling to see the 16 pairs I'm shopping (that you'll probably see me wearing on the 'gram soon).

Shop Alohas Heels:

Alohas Twist Strap Camel ($123)

Alohas Dune Camel ($143)

Alohas Bellini Red ($144)

Alohas Straps Chain Black ($168)

Shop Alohas Flats:

Alohas Marshmallow Scacchi Black & White ($143)

Alohas Fireplace Chain Black ($143)

Alohas Tied Together Black ($144)

Alohas Hook-Loop Black Sandal ($153)

Shop Alohas Espadrilles:

Alohas Crossed Camel ($114)

Alohas Ibizas Black ($114)

Alohas Clara by Day Black Sustainable ($120)

Alohas Paw-Paw Camel ($153)

Shop Alohas Boots:

Alohas Can Can Beige ($148)

Alohas West Black Vintage ($195)

Alohas South Bicolor Stone Beige & Black ($273)

Alohas East Croco Brown ($359)

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