I'm a Stylist—These Are the Coolest Brands of the Moment

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NYC-based stylist Rachael Wang recently shared some of her best fashion wisdom with us, spilling all of the details about the pieces on her summer shopping list, the sustainable brands she personally loves and wears, and the swimsuit trends she’s predicting will define summer 2021. Now, she’s back with her picks of the best new brands to know about that you probably haven’t heard of yet.

With a job as an in-demand editorial stylist, Wang really knows her stuff and has access to the newest and coolest labels in fashion. On top of that, she has an incredible eye for brands that are focused on supporting artisans and using environmentally friendly fashion practices like upcycling and utilizing surplus materials. Ahead, see the five best brands from the perspective of a stylist that deserve your attention, and get an inside look at why they’re topping Rachael Wang’s short list.

"Each one of Rentrayage's garments is one-of-a-kind and upcycled from vintage clothing, fabric, and accessories." — Wang

Shop Rentrayage:

Rentrayage Big Collar Top ($630)

Rentrayage Sweatpants ($380)

Rentrayage Rumba Trouser Skirt ($650)

Rentrayage Red & Grey Logo T-Shirt ($125)

Rentrayage Puff Sleeve Dress ($950)

"I admire Story Mfg. for its holistic approach to mindful design, from supporting niche artisan practices and providing well-paid work to a commitment to cruelty-free, regenerative, and nontoxic practices to reimagining waste in all aspects of production. Its quirky pieces are meant to be cherished for a lifetime." — Wang

Shop Story Mfg.:

Story Mfg. Polite Pullover ($539)

Story Mfg. Sundae Jacket ($497)

Story Mfg. Forager Jacket ($539)

Story Mfg. Grateful Tee ($135)

Story Mfg. Greetings Shirt ($383)

"The founding principle of Body Parts jewelry is to reduce waste through the use of found objects and repurposed materials." — Wang

Shop Body Parts:

Body Parts Aluminum Series 002 ($115)

Body Parts Aluminum Series 005 ($92)

Body Parts Gouache Series 009 ($88)

Body Parts Aluminum Series 001 ($62)

Body Parts Copper Series 007 ($88)

"Priya Ahluwalia is a designer I have been watching closely for the last three years since she exploded onto the scene with her book Sweet Lassi. Priya documented a trip to Panipat, the global garment recycling capital of the world, a city 90 kilometers north of Delhi, and presented it in such a way that it literally shook the fashion industry. Priya’s Nigerian and Indian heritage, not to mention this consciousness-inducing trip, has informed her singular lens as well as the ethos for the brand that she launched in 2018. Today, environmental and socially positive practices are at the core of Ahluwalia, which acknowledges that it has a key role to play as a producer in an imperfect industry. Ahluwalia garments are made at female-owned factories using surplus and post-consumer fabrics as well as recycled and organic textiles." — Wang

Shop Ahluwalia:

Ahluwalia Zig Zag Patchwork Crew Neck Jumper ($560)

Ahluwalia Zig Zag Patchwork Shorts ($489)

Ahluwalia Signature Joy Denim Jacket ($624)

Ahluwalia Signature Joy Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans ($561)

Ahluwalia Patrick Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt ($532)

"Wildrootz Denim jeans tug at my '90s-child heartstrings. I love that each patchwork pair is lovingly made by hand from secondhand denim." — Wang

Wildrootz Jeans (price upon request)

Wildrootz Jeans (price upon request)

Wildrootz Jeans (price upon request)

Wildrootz Jeans (price upon request)

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