'I’m a strong woman but I need a strong man by my side': Ciara praises husband Russell Wilson

Ciara is doing her part to make the world a more empowered place, with her growing movement surrounding the song “Level Up.” But after recognizing the impact that the song has had on people of all ages from all around the world, the singer is also acknowledging how she’s leveled up in her own life, both in her career and at home.

At the 2019 MAKERS conference, Ciara announced her latest endeavor, Beauty Marks Entertainment — a company where music intersects with fashion, tech, film and philanthropy — and said she is now going to take on her biggest role to date: being the boss.

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“When I talk about leveling up, I talk about how you could be your own boss,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Not being afraid to take risks, not being afraid to take the first step. Leveling up kind of encompasses all of that with Beauty Marks, and that was a big part of my journey. Being my own boss.”

However, Ciara knows the value of having a good team around her, which includes her incredible husband, Russell Wilson.

“I’m a strong woman but I need a strong man by my side, and I know I can do anything that I put my mind to. But I think at some point in time it’s good to let somebody also do some stuff for you too,” Ciara explains. “The best thing is when you have a man that’s strong. A strong man that’s smart and wise and also loves you and has your back and lifts you up and empowers you.”

The wife and mother of two acknowledges Wilson’s part in making her who she is, and catapulting her into the happiest years of her life. Working side by side on the personal and professional, Ciara reveals that their secret is to be “equally yoked.”

Ciara talks about leveling up in her own life. (Photo: Getty Images)
Ciara talks about leveling up in her own life. (Photo: Getty Images)

“It is a blessing that we both share the same vision and we really do believe that you gotta have God at the foundation,” she says of their relationship and their approach to parenting. “We both know that if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be in the positions that we’re in, we wouldn’t have the blessings that we have. And so it all comes back to that. And ultimately understanding that legacy is important to us. What legacy are we leaving behind for our kids? We also hope that they’ll do better than we do.”

In a climate where women are fighting for equality, Ciara also acknowledges her role in raising a son with good morals, and doing so with lots of love.

“Love him in the best way that you can and continue to be right there by their side through it all. And when they may not make the best decisions, don’t discourage them, encourage them,” Ciara says — adding that the same applies for her daughter. “All that kind of stuff I think is important, and hopefully we’ll plant the seeds and give them the tools they’ll need to truly succeed in life.”

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