I'm a Picky Zara Shopper, and This Is What I'm Buying There for Winter

You’re probably wondering what being a picky Zara shopper even means, so let me tell you. All it means is that while I love Zara as much as the next girl, when I shop there (whether it’s in store or online), I do my best to do so with as discerning of an eye as I would have if everything in the store were super expensive. In other words, not just buying anything I see because it’s cheap or at the very least more affordable than its designer counterparts. Not a bad approach, am I right?

Since we are officially in winter mode, I decided to round up everything I would buy from Zara for the months ahead if I had an unlimited budget (and the closet space to match). Naturally, while I did my best to cut things down, it’s still quite a lot—39 items to be exact—but they range from outerwear to knits to shoes and they’re all just that good. So, without further ado, just keep scrolling to get shopping.


Zara Faux Leather Puffer Jacket ($90)

A puffer you'll actually be excited to wear.

Zara Faux Fur Coat ($129)

It just looks so luxe.

Zara Belted Double-Breasted Coat ($219)

I love this edgy belt.

Zara Belted Vest ($80)

I'm so into vests right now, I have about 10 on my wish list.

Zara Buttoned Menswear Coat ($130)

My colleague Lauren has this, and it really adds polish to any outfit.

Zara Faux Leather Oversized Blazer ($90)

If you don't own a leather blazer, yet this might just be the one.


Zara Knit Jacket With Buttons ($40)

Plus, the matching top of course.

Zara Wool and Alpaca Blend Vest ($40)

More vests in 2020.

Zara Alpaca And Wool Blend Oversized Sweater ($36)

When I'm not buying things in black or white, oftentimes it's hunter green—can you blame me?

Zara Wool Blend Jacket ($40)

Confession: I bought this and the matching tank already.

Zara Knit Sweater ($70)

Need this.

Zara Oversized Sweater ($36)

The perfect fit.


Zara Wavy Top ($8)

I can never say no to an elevated black tee.

Zara Ruffled Jewel Button Top ($50)

Fit for royalty.

Zara Fitted Top ($13)

An easy outfit upgrade.

Zara Basic Shirt With Pocket ($36)

An essential.

Zara Ribbed High Collar Top ($13)

Can you tell that I love basics?


Zara Jacquard Draped Dress ($70)

This is so elegant I can't take it.

Zara Tube Dress With Tied Straps ($18)

Just adorable.

Zara Draped Leather Mini Dress ($319)

There's no end to my leather obsession in sight.

Zara Asymmetric Poplin Dress ($23)

This easy, flowy dress is a no-brainer.

Zara Tulle And Taffeta Dress ($18)

Love a bra-revealing moment.

Zara Elastic Print Dress ($23)

This I'm saving until spring.


Zara Mom Fit Jeans ($40)

I'll never have enough black jeans.

Zara High Rise Sculpting Pants ($50)

Who can say no to sculpting?

Zara Plaid Pencil Skirt ($50)

The first step in re-creating the cool outfit above is buying the skirt.

Zara Leather Pants ($219)

I'm obsessed with the way these straight-leg leather pants look with strappy sandals.

Zara Mom Fit Jeans ($40)

Had to include both colors.

Bags & Accessories

Zara Metal Mesh Baguette Bag ($60)

I just gasped.

Zara Wool And Alpaca Blend Beanie ($20)

I tend to avoid beanies because of hat hair, but when I absolutely must wear one, I prefer them simple and neutral like this.

Zara Oval Leather Shopper ($130)

I've been eyeing this big bag for a while and can't believe it made it to sale.

Zara Sparkly Earrings ($13)

Grandma vibes.

Zara Blue Collection Glitter Mini Crossbody Bag ($36)

When your outfit just needs a bit of fun.


Zara Leather Ankle Boots With Lug Soles ($169)

These are all over my feed, so naturally now I want them.

Zara Leather Loafers ($149)

Loafers will be everywhere this spring, so why not wear them first?

Zara Heeled Leather Square Toe Ankle Boots ($80)

Forward but basic at the same time.

Zara High Heeled Strappy Sandals ($40)

I love a timeless find that's actually affordable.

Zara Slouchy Heeled Leather Boots ($130)

By now you must have heard that knee boots are back in a big way.

Zara Heeled Lug Sole Ankle Boots With Zip ($50)

A snow day essential.

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