I'm Obsessed With Skin Care, and This Is My Nighttime Routine

Skin care is something I got into as a teenager; I was tired of my hormonal breakouts and jealous of girls whose skin just glowed, until I realized there was something I could do about it. I feel like I've tried so many different things at this point, and, through lots of trial and error, I've found something that works for me. I made a small New Year's resolution at the beginning of the year to always complete my routine before I go to bed. I enforce this by not allowing myself to physically get into bed until my face is washed, and it's worked shockingly well.

My nighttime skincare philosophy is pretty simple. I've found that, with my skin, less is more. I have combination sensitive skin, so I try not to overwhelm my complexion with too many products. I also treat my nighttime routine as an opportunity for self-care and use a couple of masks a few times a week. It's important to note that I'm not a doctor or esthetician, just someone who wants constantly glowy, clear skin. These are the 13 products I use to get there.


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