I'm Moving Across the Country, and I Really Hope My Mom Friendships Survive the Distance

I'm about to enter into a long-distance relationship. Several, in fact. My treasured mom friendships are about to be tested as my family and I move halfway across the country this summer.

I'm a little worried about the future of these relationships. It took three years for me to get comfortably ingrained into my second grader's school. I slowly but surely got into the rhythm, learned some of the politics, and dodged the bad seeds. Most importantly, I found my people. My mom friends and I bonded over the heartening and hand-wringing business that is raising kids. And now I have to do that all over again? Achieving the daunting task of making mom friends is especially notable for me - a natural introvert with RBF who sometimes take a while to warm up to people. So you'll understand that I'm not about to just walk away quietly from these friendships.

Some people will say that mom friends can only operate at the most superficial level, reducing it to shared sidewalks and soccer schedules. They say that these relationships can't hold a candle to lifelong friends. But I'm going to disagree because I think my mom friends are essential, and not just because we can trade war stories on how tiny humans exited our body.

Coronavirus has given us an unexpected dress rehearsal for this permanent separation. The stay-at-home orders meant that much of our interaction for the last couple of months has been reduced to Zoom calls, group texts, and the sweet gesture of socially distanced donut drop-offs.

But a more permanent separation is coming. As much as I'm worried about a different time zone separating my mom friends and I, there's still reason to think these relationships have a fighting chance. Here's why I have hope for the future of these friendships.


Go the Distance! 13 Ways to Be a Better Long-Distance BFF

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