I'm a Hot Sleeper, and This Ultra-Comfortable Mattress Topper Keeps Me Cool on Hot Summer Nights

·3 min read

As someone who tends to overheat at night, I’m always on the lookout for cooling bedding products. I’ve already found a set of cooling sheets and a cooling pillow that I love, so when I heard that one of my favorite home brands, Allswell, just launched a mattress topper that had moisture-wicking and cooling properties, I knew I had to give it a try.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Energex Memory Foam Mattress Topper by the brand a few weeks ago—just in time to use on hot and sticky summer nights. Normally in the summertime, I would wake up in a pool of sweat unless I’ve had the AC blasting all night, but since I’ve been using this mattress pad I’ve stayed cool and dry with just a fan on.

The topper features two inches of plush Energex memory foam padding that contours to my body and helps relieve pressure on my back as I sleep. In addition to providing ample airflow and moisture-wicking capabilities, the cozy pad is also infused with cooling graphite and copper gel, which work together to absorb body heat.

While I love how cool the mattress pad keeps me throughout the night, I also can’t get over how comfortable it is. Not only have I had some great nights’ sleep while using it, there have been many mornings where I find the topper so cozy I just can’t find the motivation to get out of bed. And it’s not just me who is obsessed with it. Even though the mattress pad launched just last month, it has already racked up an impressive 4.8-star rating with nearly 100 reviews from happy customers.

“This foam mattress topper is a lifesaver—or maybe a sleep saver,” raved one customer. “I've been using it for a little over a month and love it. I'm a super hot sleeper, and the graphite + copper gel this topper is infused with helps keep me cool. Bonus points for keeping me comfy, as well. I would recommend it to anyone!”

“I have tried other toppers in the past, and this one is by far a favorite,” wrote another. “It is like memory foam, but it doesn’t hold the shape, and therefore is not uncomfortable when you turn on your other side. It keeps me cool. I can roll side to side freely and I don’t get too hot. I am a side sleeper and it works great. It gives comfort without making me feel trapped in a squishy mattress topper. Really great product!”

The single-layer pad sits atop your mattress and is kept in place by either a mattress protector or a fitted sheet. My regular-sized fitted sheets work perfectly, but if you have a high pillow top mattress, you may need to use a deep-pocket fitted sheet with it. There are four sizes to choose from, and prices start at just $68, which makes this ultra-comfortable cooling mattress pad a steal in my opinion, especially if you are a hot sleeper like I am.


To buy: From $68; allswellhome.com.