I'm a Dietitian & These Are 12 Recipes I Make with a Box of Oats

I love oats for many reasons: they're super nutritious, usually pretty inexpensive and last a long time in your pantry. They are my breakfast almost daily, either as our simple overnight oats formula, or meal prepped as our Apple Pie Baked Oats (a recipe I actually developed for EatingWell because I love it so much). Oats also make great snacks like Cranberry-Almond Energy Balls (though you could make energy balls in basically any flavor) or a post-workout Chocolate Milk Recovery Drink. And since they're packed with fiber, they will actually help you feel full until your next meal. But I think the most underrated use for oats is in savory recipes. They're a binding agent for our Old Fashioned Meatloaf and our Salmon & Crab Cakes, and sometimes I'll even blitz them in the food processor to mimic the texture of breadcrumbs for things like meatballs and breadings. Oats are even blended into our Use-It-Up Vegetable Soup recipe for a dairy-free creaminess. And with how nutritious oats are, I try to add them to my eating pattern wherever possible. I hope these recipes inspire you to get creative with your box of oats. For more budget- and beginner-friendly cooking tips, check out Thrifty.