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I'm an interior designer, and these 12 on-sale items will declutter your home fast — starting at $7

Use those snow days to get organized -- these tools will help (and they're all on sale!) (Photo: Amazon)
Use those snow days to get organized — these tools will help (and they're all on sale!) (Photo: Amazon)

Professional organizers are all the rage, occupying your insta or gracing your TV, and for good reason. As an interior designer, I offer organization services as integral to good design. To me, function and efficiency are just as important as aesthetics, providing you a comfortable, calming home environment. If your space is cluttered, your life will feel more chaotic.

Quick Overview
  • Pipishell Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer

    Save $20 with coupon
  • Delamu 2 Sets of 2-Tier Multi-Purpose Under Sink Organizers

    Save $11
  • Slim Storage Cart, 3 Tier

    Save $10
  • Aozita Stackable Kitchen Counter Baskets with Bamboo Tops, Set of 2

    Save $9 with coupon
  • Drawer Organizer, Set of 12, Grey

  • Vacuum Storage Bags, 20-Pack

    Save $10 with coupon
  • Velvet Hangers, Set of 50

    Save $28 with coupon
  • Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids, 24 pcs

    Save $20 with coupon
  • 8-Tier Pots and Pans Organizer

    Save $19 with coupon
  • Wrapping Paper Storage Container

    Save $10
  • Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

    Save $4
  • Dewalt TStak 8-Compartment Tool Box

    Save $1
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Look around your place — see any areas that need tidying? Of course you do, and I'm here to help. I've curated a collection of some of my favorite organizational tools. All of these items are meant to contain, de-clutter, and allow you to grab what you need easily, as well as maximize storage space. And while some of these wonders are meant for specifically for the kitchen or bath, I invite you to think outside the box and use them throughout your home. For instance, the bamboo tray below will house your rubber bands and pens in your desk drawer just as well as it will your forks and teaspoons. So take a gander, and grab some of these organizational gems over at Amazon. They're all on sale, and you can have them in time for a weekend project.

Expandable from over 12 to 19 plus inches, this utensil tray is versatile as it is attractive. Because it's made from durable bamboo, you can feel good about its environmental sustainability. I also love its flexibility — it adjusts to fit in just about any drawer with no gap and allows for additional storage when needed. Save 50% with coupon. 

Save $20 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

Have one of those open bathroom vanities that didn't come with a shelf? Don't let that abyss beneath your kitchen sink go to waste! This set of stacked organizers will double your space by adding a much-needed extra tier. Eight dividers allow you to organize within each shelf. And the piece de resistance? They pull out on rollers, so you have lickety-split access to your stuff. No more kneeling on the tile floor! Save 28%. 

$29 at Amazon

A rolling cart comes in handy for myriad uses: House your toiletries, hair products and blow dryer; use it as a spice and oil rack in the kitchen; or conveniently store laundry detergents and cleansers in the utility room. This nifty little number is less than 6 inches deep, so it can tuck in to all sorts of tight, otherwise useless nooks, maximizing precious space. Save 41%. 

$21 at Amazon

For pantry staples — onions, potatoes, fruit and veggies, opt for these wire baskets that allow food to breathe while staying within easy reach. Labels lend charm and organization and the natural bamboo lid allows additional surface for stacking, storage or use as a cutting board. Works in the linen closet and playroom. Save 14%.

Save $9 with coupon
$37 at Amazon

Bring some sanity to your sock, underwear or tie drawer and save 10% in the process. These five-inch-deep drawer organizers feature a swathed in stitched, breathable fabric and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Great for jewelry and makeup too.

$29 at Amazon

I love a dual-purpose item! These protect your clothing — I use them to store my wool sweaters to keep the moths at bay. They're also terrific space savers, making them ideal for use in tight drawers and suitcases. Just roll and seal to hermetically preserve your sweaters, blankets or anything you need to store off-season. Save 33%. 

Save $10 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

This is my favorite organizational secret to share — velvet hangers. Well worth the investment, these keep your clothes from slipping to the floor and puddling onto your shoes, plus their svelte profile makes them a space-saving dream (and will save you from wrestling with bulky plastic or cheap wire hangers from your dry cleaner). A matching set like this will have your closet looking as neat as a department store. Plus, they're pretty ... and they swivel! Save over 50% with coupon. 

Save $28 with coupon
$23 at Amazon

Stackable, clear containers not only save space, but they save money in the long run, keeping your dry goods from growing stale and attracting creepy-crawlies. This set includes a variety of sizes and comes complete with reusable labels. They can be used all around the house. Save over 35%. 

Save $20 with coupon
$33 at Amazon

Tired of stowing your cookware in the oven? Score 15% with coupon on top of the already 45% off on this handy rack and stack neatly within your cabinets, the way they ought to be. No more fumbling for pots and lids, and you'll be able to grab what you need in a flash. Got a particularly fetching set? Pop this on the countertop and just wait for the compliments.

Save $19 with coupon
$21 at Amazon

Tired of tossing perfectly good wrapping paper because it got hopelessly mangled amid the chaos of a closet? Here's your solution. This case will keep them from tearing, creasing and generally getting beat up when not in use. Store gift bags, ribbons and all the accoutrement so that you'll be ready in a flash to put together a beautifully wrapped present. Sized to fit under beds, with convenient handles ... and an even more convenient 28% off. 

$15 at Amazon

Don't forget your automobile! This may be the best thing I ever bought for my car. It's lined with a plastic bag, and the zippered lid keeps everything inside to prevent spils. A flap in the lid allows you to tuck all of those receipts, tissues and other detritus that collects on your commute neatly inside. Straps right onto the headrest of your passenger side, so you can reach it easily from the driver's seat. Speaking of "within reach": It's less than 10 bucks. 

$10 at Amazon

DIYers know all about the importance of organization, and this grab-all is perfect for the drill bits, nails, picture hangers and sundry hardware doodads that can find themselves secreted away, well, everywhere. Put them all in one place and access them easily through hefty side latches. Do your construction projects tend toward the dainty? Stash your craft gear, like embroidery threads or beads. Removable compartments make this case versatile enough to store just about any fix-it accessory you can imagine. 

$7 at Amazon

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