IHOP teases name change to IHOb, leaving pancake fans devastated and confused

IHOP fans take heed. After 60 years of serving up flapjacks, the International House of Pancakes has taken to social media to tease a name change. Taking a note from flipping their pancakes, the restaurant chain is flipping the “P” to a “B,” and will be known as “IHOb.”

IHOP to change its name to IHob. (Photo: Getty Images)
IHOP to change its name to IHob. (Photo: Getty Images)

Naturally, this has left the IHOP faithful in a state of pure devastation. One young YouTuber even posted a video about her outrage, which may stem from the fact that she can no longer use her favorite joke: “What’s a bunny’s favorite restaurant?” The punchline, clearly, does not work with “IHOb.”

The company, which specializes in numerous breakfast foods, has left it up to the fans to try to guess what the “B” stands for, and hosted on IHOP’s official webpage is a countdown to the big reveal. But until then, breakfast aficionados are in a state of misery trying to find out their new truth.

There are plenty of guesses for the obvious — breakfast being the top pick. But surely it can’t be that simple? On top of that, whoever is running IHOP’s social media has told the “breakfast” guessers to try again, and insists on spelling “be” as just “b.”

Guesses have included bacon, burgers, bagels, and beignets. Or, hopefully, that “b” stands for “brunch” and there will be an introduction of bottomless mimosas.

Recently in Detroit, Mich., a combination Applebee’s-IHOP has “half opened,” but surely the breakfast giant wouldn’t include the word “bees” in their name just because a lower-case resembles an upside-down “P?”

Sadly, the big reveal is still days away. IHOb will introduce its “B” on June 11. Meanwhile, its PR team is probably celebrating this huge stunt over some Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Pancakes. Or, maybe, soon to be bancakes.

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