Iggy Azalea is outing her friend on Twitter for buying baby clothes with no baby

Iggy Azalea stirs up hilarious drama on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images)
Iggy Azalea stirs up hilarious drama on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images)

There’s no denying that baby clothes are cute. But not everyone buys them for the sake of having the tiny ensembles for show. Apparently, that’s just what Iggy Azalea‘s friend is guilty of, however, and the rapper is blasting her on Twitter for it.

In a hilarious thread of tweets, the 27-year-old Aussie opened up about her friend’s habit after expressing that she wasn’t ready for a baby herself. When mentioning that she’d rather have money, Azalea was sparked with the thought of a friend who happens to spend her earnings on a baby she doesn’t even have.

“I have a friend (I’ll save the embarrassment and not name names) who has no kids but buys baby clothing and shoes when we go shopping,” Azalea wrote. “She’s done this for years now.”

The tweet quickly gained a lot of attention from Azalea’s more than 8 million followers, before she followed the truth bomb up with an anecdote from one of their shopping trips.

After calling the nonexistent child “her ghost kid,” one follower asked the obvious question about what the friend does with the clothes, to which Azalea said, “I have no clue.” But the story only gets better as Azalea admits that the habit is “creepy” just before her friend finds the thread.

Luckily for Azalea, it looks like the friend has a good sense of humor about it. And while fans hope that the rapper is still on fine terms with said friend, they’re also speculating about who it might be. Demi Lovato — a close friend of Azalea’s — seems to be a popular guess.

As for any sort of confirmation of who she’s talking about, Azalea will likely stay tight-lipped.

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