Iggy Azalea on Her Plastic Surgery: You Would Do it Too if You Could Afford It


Australian singer Iggy Azalea got personal about her plastic surgery — and the world’s reaction to it — in a recent interview with Elle Canada.

Azalea, 25, who has undergone a few cosmetic surgeries over the past few years, has faced criticism for altering her look. But, she told the magazine, “There’s nothing black and white about beauty or plastic surgery. There are no guarantees that it will fix how you feel about yourself. All of those women [who criticize someone for having surgery] — if they had $10 million in their account tomorrow, I’d dare them not to change one thing about themselves, or at least think about it.”

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She says that her nose job, which she’s discussed over the past year, wasn’t to alter her natural nose but rather to fix a bump that resulted from a soccer accident she had when she was 16. “Now I feel like my nose looks the way it’s supposed to look,” she said. “But for how long do we have to acknowledge that I got a nose job? For the rest of my life? Am I going to be 45 and people are still saying, ‘Nice nose job’?”

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Azalea brings up a good point: Most of the negative conversation surrounding plastic surgery says that women should accent their bodies the way they are, imperfections and all. But does altering your body, and loving that new body, make you a weaker or less confident person? Azalea doesn’t think so.

“Everyone tells you that you should love your body the way it is, but then it is bad to say that you want to change something about yourself, not because you want to look like someone else, just because you want to? What’s wrong with that?” she asked.

Azalea told Elle she dreams of a more open-minded view of plastic surgery. “I just hope that in 25 years,” she said, “the conversation will shift to where if a woman wants to change her body, all we say is, ‘Good for her!’ instead of shaming her for making decisions about her own body.”

(Top photo: Instagram.com/thenewclassic)