WATCH: Bugging Out. New York Goes Wild for Grasshopper Tacos

If you’re feeling adventurous and love Mexican food, then Toloache is the perfect restaurant for you.

Chef Julian Medina’s restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village recalls many of the flavors of his childhood in Mexico City, Mexico. This includes one traditional ingredient he refers to as “Mexican popcorn”: grasshoppers!

Grasshopper tacos may seem strange to you. But in the future you might see more insect-based recipes on menus; the UN is even studying insects as a potential food source.

grasshoppers served at toloache
grasshoppers served at toloache

At Toloache, the grasshoppers are served in a taco alongside onions, cilantro, jalapeños and salsa verde. I paid a visit to Chef Medina’s kitchen to see how they’re made and get a taste. The dried grasshoppers are shipped to him from Mexico weekly but I could have sworn I saw one move. I was probably just a bit skittish. The tacos were crunchy and had just the right amount of acid from a gentle squeeze of fresh lime.

Buen provencho (enjoy)!

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What: Toloache Thompson

Why Go: To sample their grasshopper tacos or just enjoy the tasty Mexican fare and cocktails.

When to Go: They’re open from 11- 4 p.m. for lunch and 5-11 p.m. for dinner daily.

hef Julian Medina of Toloache
hef Julian Medina of Toloache

Chef Julian Medina of Toloache.

Where: Toloache is located at 205 Thompson Street in Manhattan’s West Village (212-420-0600), but the chain has additional locations in the Theater District and the Upper East Side. (All three locations serve grasshopper tacos.)

Fun Fact: Toloache is also known for their cocktails, in particular their margaritas and mezcalitas made with mezcal, a distilled beverage made from agave. They have over 100 varieties of tequila and mezcal.

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