Iconic Movies That Were Filmed in Florida

robin williams and nathan lane in 'the birdcage'
Iconic Movies That Were Filmed in FloridaUnited Artists - Getty Images

While Florida is typically not considered the epicenter of film production, that certainly doesn’t mean several iconic movies haven’t been filmed there. In fact, a number of Oscar-winning and critically acclaimed films that have gone on to become part of the classic American film canon were filmed on location in the Sunshine State. Florida’s white sandy beaches, bustling cities, and sprawling green golf courses are known for attracting tourists, but they also make the perfect settings for so many of the iconic films we have come to know and love.

The Birdcage

Set on the shores of South Beach, The Birdcage directed by Mike Nichols is the American remake of the classic French/Italian comedy, “La Cage aux Folles.”

nathan lane and robin williams in 'the birdcage'
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The Truman Show

Naturally this film, which is set in the master-planned Florida community of Seaside, had to be filmed in the Sunshine State.

jim carrey in 'the truman show'
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Apollo 13

This iconic space film was shot on location at Kennedy Space Center, one of the most unique and noteworthy attractions in all of Florida.

kevin bacon and tom hanks in 'apollo 13'
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All of the golf scenes in this hilarious film by Harold Ramis were shot at the Grande Oaks Golf Club in Broward County, Florida.

chevy chase in 'caddyshack'
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Cool Hand Luke

Based on the book by Donn Pearce, this timeless film starring Paul Newman was set and partially shot in Florida.

on the set of cool hand luke
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The Heartbreak Kid

This 1972 film starring Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd takes place on Miami Beach, so it only made sense for it to be shot in Florida.

cybill shepherd in the heartbreak kid
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Night Moves

This thriller starring Gene Hackman tells the story of a private investigator on case that takes him to the Florida Keys, displaying a darker since of the Sunshine State

die heiße spur, usa 1975 aka night moves
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Out of Sight

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this movie based on Elmore Leonard’s book by the same name stars George Clooney as a bank robber who escapes a Florida prison.

jennifer lopez and george clooney in 'out of sight'
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Since it premiered in 1983, Scarface has been practically synonymous with Miami. The epic gangster film would not be the same if it were shot anywhere else.

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The Yearling

The Yearling, based on the novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, was filmed in Ocala, as well as a number of other locations across Florida.

gregory peck and jane wyman in the yearling
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The Greatest Show on Earth

Cecil B. DeMille shot the majority of his circus epic in Sarasota at the Ringling Bros.’ winter quarters.

giving blood
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