This Iconic Denim Brand Is Giving My Jeans Rotation an Upgrade

Anneliese Dominguez
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One of my favorite pastimes is looking at celeb fashion pics from the '80s and '90s. I love recreating looks from old-school supermodels, actresses, and singers with a modern twist. The one thing all of the 'fits have in common? A pair of really cool jeans. I kept thinking to myself that everyone seemed to be wearing the same brand back then, and after a bit of research, I found out I was actually right. Closed, the brand of sustainable denim that's handmade in Italy, is responsible for a good amount of the iconic looks pre 2000, and it hasn't stopped since. Some of the most fashionable people I know are rocking its clothing on the daily, so I figured it was time to give my jeans rotation the upgrade it deserved. Keep scrolling for eight pairs that are too good not to shop (hello, perfect pedal pushers), plus some cute extras because spring is approaching, after all.

Shop Denim:

Closed A Better Blue Pedal Pusher ($198)

Closed A Better Blue Pearl ($260)

Closed Glow-Up Organic Soft Stretch Denim ($275)

Closed A Better Blue Wide X ($275)

Closed A Better Blue Baylin ($275)

Closed A Better Blue Pedal Pusher ($275)

Closed A Better Blue Anni ($345)

Closed A Better Blue X-Lent ($275)

Shop more pieces I'm eyeing from Closed:

Closed Organic Cotton Oxford Shirt Blouse ($215)

Closed Striped Polo Shirt ($225)

Closed Organic Cotton Sleeveless Sweater ($255)

Closed Viscose and Linen Dress ($365)

Closed Organic Denim Overshirt ($435)

Closed Cotton and Linen Coat ($535)

Closed Lumi Checked Blazer ($565)

Closed Doubleface Jacket With Cashmere ($565)

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