Icelandair Crew Adopts Four Puppies Born at Airport

Four Iceland air staff are now the happy owners of a family of adorable puppies born at the airport.

While loading an Icelandair flight bound for Stockholm, the ground crew noticed something strange about one of the dog crates they were loading onto the plane. There was more than one dog inside.

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“As they looked closer, it was discovered that [the mother] had just given birth!” Icelandair posted to its Facebook page.


One of the adorably cute puppies born just before takeoff. (Photo: Icelandair/Facebook)

The puppies belong to a passenger known only as “Grandpa” Torsten, who was traveling home to Stockholm with his sled dog, Pepper, when she had the puppies.

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A veterinarian was called to scene. They informed Icelandair and Grandpa Torsten that the puppies could not fly until they were at least two months old. A decision was reached that the little guys wouldn’t be able to make the trip to Stockholm, despite the sensitive nature of separating the mother from her pups.

Why Grandpa Torsten was traveling while his dog was pregnant remains unknown, but the story does have a happy ending.

Rather than sending the puppies to a shelter, four Icelandair staff members stepped in, each offering to adopted one of the pups, named Hekla, Askja, Keilir and Katla after four of Iceland’s most important volcanoes.

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Photo: Icelandair/Facebook

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