Ice Spice’s ‘In Ha Mood’ helping users to defend their opinions

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Ice Spice has grown to incredible fame since the release of her song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” back in August. Now, she’s going viral once again, and her lyrics are helping internet users keep it real.

TikTokers are using audio from one of Spice’s new songs, “In Ha Mood,” off her recently released project, the Like..? EP. In the song, Spice says, “Goin’ viral is gettin’ ’em sicker/Like, what? Let’s keep it a buck (huh).” Now, users are taking that part of the song and using it to keep it real. Opinions are being defended, rules challenged, and, mostly, people are just looking for others to tell the truth.

Spice’s music is everywhere right now. Currently, “In Ha Mood” has two parts of the song trending. It’s extremely hard to get away from Spice, jokingly referred to as the “modern-day Princess Diana.” Spice even acknowledged the meme in her song “Princess Diana,” saying, “In the hood I’m like Princess Diana (Grrah).”

Many of the videos haven’t featured over-the-top opinions, as users are debating when to brush your teeth and what season is the best.

“Y’all don’t stretch? eat breakfast? check ur phone? make ur bed? y’all just get RIGHT up and go brush ur teeth??,” said @xoxflix.

While the debate over when people brush their teeth ensued, the long-held debate about whether summer or winter was better got some new life on TikTok.

“Summer people need to let it go fr,” @tiktokpj wrote in the caption of his video.

“winter & fall > summer & spring,” replied @gwsloves.

Spice’s words were even used to defend burrito opinions.

“What is qdoba…,” agreed @_prettygirlniyahhh.

Regardless of what side you fall on with these debates, it’s clear that Ice Spice’s lyrics easily translate to TikTok and can help anyone “keep it a buck.”

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