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This small but mighty gadget can make you ice anywhere you go

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Stay cool on the go. (Source: iStock)
Stay cool on the go. (Source: iStock)

If you don’t have an ice maker in your fridge, you can still have ice-cold refreshments in minutes with the Crownful Countertop Ice Maker. Before your drinks become room temperature, go buy one up on Amazon. As soon as your countertop ice maker arrives, you can have ice in as little as 8 minutes. You will be enjoying summer again in no time.

You can also bring this ice maker anywhere with its 120V power source, which means you can have fresh ice on-demand at a tailgate or campsite. No one likes reaching into a cooler and finding it full of room temperature water. Make the most of your summer with freshly made ice.

Make and take ice from this Crownful Ice Maker.
Make and take ice from this Crownful Ice Maker. (Source: Amazon)

$119.99 $139.99 at Amazon

This portable ice maker is incredibly efficient by producing nine ice cubes in only eight minutes and up to twenty-six pounds of ice in twenty-four hours. The ice maker automatically lets you know when the ice box is full, so you can relax and enjoy the weather. Every detail is crafted with thought—even the transparent lid, which allows you to observe the ice-making process.

Make ice much quicker than with an old-fashioned ice tray. You can even choose the size of your ice cubes with the intuitive and easy-to-use controls on this cooling ice maker. Every ice maker comes with a twelve-month warranty as well as lifetime customer support, which means you’ll be feeling cool and worry-free with your new ice maker.

Are you sweating this decision?

Act now to get refreshments on-demand before things start to really heat up this summer. Whether you are at home, tailgating the big game or glamping, you can enjoy ice-cold soda, masterful cocktails and more. Don't miss your chance to cool off with a chilly refreshment.

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