Ice Ice Baby: the Coolest Skating Rinks on the Planet

Is there a winter activity more refreshingly wholesome than ice skating? The childlike playfulness of running around on the ice with our friends, sweeties, and/or strangers is simply infectious. It's like we're reliving the giddiness we felt as kids during playtime on a snow day. The childhood flashbacks are so extreme, you may even feel slightly guilty for cursing after you crash to the ice in an embarrassing heap.

Travel the world and you'll find all kinds of beautiful and fun places to ice-skate. Whether you're enjoying the view from the ice as you gracefully figure-eight your way around the rink or you're admiring the scenery from below after having fallen on your bottom for the eighth time, here are 10 places where your inner child will be happy to play — and the grown-up you will find pretty freakin' cool as well.